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                     CALVIN HARRIS .
Calvin Harris , a scottish man , he was born in 1984.
His carreer started when he felt an attraction for the electronic music. When he was a teenager he recorded in his bedroom. A few months later he went to an interview with News of the World. He was 21 and he launched the first success.

 The first album.
Calvin Harris published the first album in 2007 and to spread the disco he did a tour around England.
The first launch was "Vegas", it was limited and it was made of vinyl.The disco was recorded in honour of the 80´s music.The songs and the album , became the  5th and 10th position in the UK SINGLES CHART.

 The fourth publication of the album was MAarrymaking at My Place , it became the 43th position in  UK Single Chart.His song Colours appeared in the advert Kia Motors to present the new Kia Soul.
In 2012 , the album had sold more than 250.000 CD´S in the UK , according to The Official UK Charts Company and more than 18.000 CD´S  in the United States , it was the album , the most sold in this market.

In 2007 , Harris recorded with Kylie Minogue whose attention was excited in the Harris´ productions. The work according to Harris was very funny .
Harris worked also with the pop singer Sophie Ellis Bextor , Harris helped him in his new album.
In 2008 he cooperated with Dizzee Rascal an english rapper in the song "Dance with me" . They was done an acustic version for  the BBC , for the opening of Glastonbury in 2008 (a festival). The song became the first position in the United Kingdom. 
In 2009 , he recorded other song for Dizzee Rascal , it was called "Holiday". 
In an interview with the BBC Radio 1 , Harris told that he didn´t want to  work with Lady Gaga in 2008 but he also told that he was a good singer.

The first single , I´m not Alone was recorded in Sydney , in the new year. It became the first position in the UK SINGLES CHART. The second that followed I´m not alone was Ready for the Weekend and became the third position in the Uk Singles Chart.
Harris did a tour in the UK , Ireland , France , Netherlands and the United States.
Ready for the Weekend had the cooperation of the singer Mary Pearce. Others included matters : Worst Day with Izza Kizza and Yeah yeah yeah La La La using the advert of Coca-Cola. In 2009 . NME , Holiday and Ready for the Weekend was the most listened and parts of "I´m not alone" were used in a remix for Frozen of Madonna and also this parts were used in the British Touring.
In 2012 Ready for the Weekend had sold 16000 CD´S  in the United States.
In the year 2010 Harris played in the Big Day Out that is in Australia and in New Zealand.
In 2011 , Harris told us that  he was recording a new album , it was called Bounce  and it included the cooperation of Kelis. In april , the BBC RADIO 1 showed the new song . Once more his album was in the highest position of the United Kingdom but in this case the song Changed the Way You Kiss Me of the rapper Example was before this.
Harris other time showed us a new song  Feel so close , he had sold a million of downloads in the United States .
Finally , Harris was known by the song "The girls" and also by the tours that he did in Australia  , Ireland , United Kingdom...                                  


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