domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

Cake of carrot


100 grams of hazelnuts
250 grams of sugar
3 bases of sponge cake
12 hopeful cherries
200 grams of grated Coconut
100 ccs of mounted Scum
2 kilos of carrot

How to prepare the cake of carrot:

  1. First it is necessary to cook the carrots and grate them. There are mixed the carrots, the coconut and the sugar. It is necessary to prepare a mold and put the bases of sponge cake in the bottom opened, up to covering the surface of the mold.
  2. To spill the mixture formed by the carrots, the coconut and the sugar and to cover with the rest of the bases of sponge cake                                                                                                                         
  3. It is necessary to oppress the tart with a flat surface inside the mold and her leave in the icebox a minimum of 18h before consuming it
  4. To decorate of it him can throw grated coconut and hazelnuts

Cristina Rodríguez González.

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