jueves, 6 de diciembre de 2012


What was the new? It was a film about the prophet Muhammad peaces and blaises upon him, that say the bad things about Muhammad, but the film is not insulting the prophet Muhammad P.B.H., you know? The film in America was insulting us!(to supposed"muslims").
Because if you see a a supposed muslim person smoking or stealing. or fighting, and if you asks him who is his prophet , he will answer that is the prophet P.B.U.H is his prophet.But I'm not agree  with him because the prophet was very polite.And the people were demonstrating, they were burning the american flag, the should not do that.
I'm relating a history that happened with Muhammad P.B.U.H .Alot of centuries ago when Muhammad was  going to a city to transmit the message  that the God gives him.When he arrived to the city, the people did not like that and they injures and hurts him.Then they took him away  from the city.So Muhammad P.B.U.H. went to sit under a tree.Suddenly, the angel Gabriel goes down and said to him
(the meaning) that if he want the angel is going to squash the people who injures the prophet between two mountains.
After that, the prophet P.B.U.H. said to him (meaning) he did not want it, because  maybe  will be there a muslim generation.So the angel come back.This matter is saying us that we must not burn and destroy anything, but we can demonstrate against the film because is our straight, they should respect the muslims and the muslims respect them.
But this film has got good thing which is because of this film many people know the truth about Muhammad P.B.U.H. There are people who watched  this film and bought some books about the prophet to known who is he, and they descovered that the film was lieing about the prophet.I am agree with him because  the only thing that can show you the truth is a book , because if asks somebody about somethig he will tell you his interpretation of the  book.
Instead of this film(like a earthquaque in the hearts of muslims) one thing is enough for the muslims which is that we love very, very , very much!and for the not muslims i advice to him " read books about muhammad and know him becuse he is a example to follow"you have here a poem about the prophet.


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