domingo, 16 de diciembre de 2012

The Injusticies

What do you think about the injustices in the world? Have we got the same rights? Have we got  the same oportunities?

Always when we are looking for a work or things like that we think that the people who choose us observe the studies , the academy preparation ... But in my opinion , there is some more ... The appearance, the clothes and obvious the friendship and in this case , Do you think that all the people have the same oportunities?

Other example , financially there are many people who die of hunger or they die by  a simple costipado,meanwhile other people spend their money in cosmetic surgery or clothes ,others things aren´t necessary  and I think this is a result of the avarice and the power to say I have many money and I have a big house , a good car ...

We have spoken of the people that die of hunger , the people who haven´t the means to live in a reasonable way. In a day 24000 people can die , the reason the hunger, they don´t have food and they don´t eat also they don´t have water so they don´t drink ... activities like drink , eat , these are activities that we do all the days , normal activities... and they can´t do this. I think , there are many injustices in the world but this is the more shocking.We let that millions of people die in a year and We aren´t the people who die but in the future  we can be in the same case , we don´t know  the future...

When we are speaking of more injustices we can see the situation of Spain nowadays, a political earns 100.000 euros each year , meanwhile many families can´t make ends meet. Is there a democracy?
Are we in the political system of XIX century?
This situation is the result other time of the avarice , we have  spent a lot of money and we didn´t have  the money so we are assuming the consequences now ,  but the problem I think that it wasn´t developped  by the population I think that we are always guided by the people situated in the highest part.The day that we decide and we act thinking in the rest of the people, the consequences ... this day there will be an equal opportunities.

Finally , I´m very shocked , I didn´t know the situation of Spain ... and I knew this situation the other day when a old man was crying because he hasn´t eaten and he didn´t have a house , the bank had evicted him...
When I arrived at home , I started to cry  , all the politicians are corrupts and the humans are born to think in the money .

                                                           PAULA HERNÁNDEZ BAÑO

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  1. I agree with you. This fucking society is sick and we can't change at all. People who have the chance of changing it are part of the evil system which is creating this unfair world. It is very sad.