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Shooter games

The video shots games or shooters are a kind that there include a wide number of subtype that have the common characteristic of allows to control an "avatar" who, for general norm, has a weapon (usually this weapon is a gun or some other long range weapon) that can be shot at will. They belong to the kind of action games.

Characteristics of shooters
There are many criteria to determine the type of shooter. Using the following, it is possible to categorize almost all shooters developed:

  • Perspective

 The player usually views the events from behind the eyes of the character (a first-person shooter) or from a camera that follows the character, usually a few feet behind (a third-person shooter). It is also possible for a game to have a fixed camera, especially shooting gallery games and some 2D overhead shooters such as Robotron 2084
  • Realism
Games that attempt to emulate life like ballistics  and character damage include tactical shooters. But many shooter games involve varying levels of realism, with some verging on complete fantasy.
  • Number of characters

While most shooters are played as solo ventures, several offer the players the opportunity to control a squad of characters, usually directly controlling one, and giving orders to computer-controlled allies. Games which feature non-player characters fighting alongside the player, but which are not directly controllable (either by switching player control, or issuing orders to the character) are not considered squad-based games.
  • Multiplayer

If a shooter game is available online, there are several other sharp divisions it can take. Team games are where players are assigned to one of two (sometimes more, but very infrequently) factions which are competing for some goal. Co-Op games have several players on the same faction playing through either the single player or custom missions against computer-simulated enemies. Individual(often called Deathmatch) has all players competing with each other. Many times a game will offer differing modes which allow players to choose from among these various types.
  • Focus

This is often an optional way to categorize a shooter, but in some cases it's needed to help distinguish it. A game may quite often heavily rely on stealth as opposed to direct action. Others might have large horror elements to them. However, the one thing in common with all shooters is that combat with a gun or similar long range/projectile weapon is the primary focus of gameplay itself.

An example of one of the best shooters is Call of Duty that is one of the most sold in the world. In his last installment they have sold 2 million units.

Manuel Pérez Fernández 

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  1. One of my first video games was space invaders. The evolution of these games has been incredible!!