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Qué vida más triste

Qué vida más triste

When we turn the television on trying to watch a funny and original entertaining programme, we normaly found English and American series like Modern Familiy, How I met your mother..., but, where are the spanish comedy series?

Since 2005 in the Internet and 2008 in television, Qué vida más triste is being broadcasted in La Sexta channel and in the official website.

The serial is about the life of our main character, Borja Pérez and some of his friends, like Joseba Caballero. Borja is a kind of unlucky person who is always in troubles and difficult or strange situations.

There are 7 seasons with a total of 60 episodes. All the espisodes start with Borja sitting in his bed and talking to the viewers about something that is happening to him or a short introduction of the day's chapter.

In the serial there are two different points of view, the point that Borja says to us, frecuently it is false or with a lot of modifications that makes the history better than it really is. The other point of view is what really happens, which normally makes the character a loser.

Here you have an example of what Qué vida más triste is:

Eduardo Espinosa Celdrán

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