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  Going to  a good  society 

A man aproached to the prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, asking him for a charity. But the prophet P.B.U.H instead of giving him the money, he asked him if he had something of value in her house. The man said that he had a beautiful carpet. So the prophet P.B.U.H ordered him to sell the carpet. when he sold his carpet, he bought with the part of money, which he earned, a hoe as the prophet P.B.U.H told him. The  other part of money was spent in his food and clothes as the prophet PBUH said to him. After that, the man returned to the prophet PBUH. Then the prophet PBUH ordered him that he had to work as  woodcutter with the  hoe that he bought, so in that way he could earn  money and keep his family. So the problem of the poor man  was solved, he found a job. finally, thanks to God his life was plenty of happiness.

In that story, we can  learn  many things because sometimes many beggars, they can work, so for that is useful to find them a job instead of giving them the money. Because the charity that we are giving to them, is not too enough to have a life with good conditions . So the solution is  that we have to fight against the poverty by finding a job to everyone. Because i am sure that everyone in this world has something special, and also has a positive thing. That means that everybody knows to do something.  Maybe  this idea can work, just think about it. A chinese metaphor said " teach your brother how to fish, but do not give him the fish"
This metaphor wants to explain us that we must teach the people how to work, but do not give them the money.

It is a honour to me to finish this essay with an advice to all my muslim brothers. This advice consists of the charity that we give once a year, why we do not put together the charities to do something important?. For exemple, to buy a house to the poor family, to allow some people to study by giving them the money...
In that  way we are going to do the useful things, for that our aim in this life is helping people as much as we can.

If the whole world gave the charity, the poverty would not exsist.


Sihame and Rajae

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