lunes, 6 de mayo de 2013

A (stupid) mystery.

Some are born stupid, others achieve the stupid state, and there are a last group of individuals that have adhered the stupidity to mostrate it in some moments in which they are with their friends, or something like that. I think the stupidity is not influenced by their ancestors or their contemporaries. It is the result of a hard personal effort. They make the role of the fool. Fortunately or unfortunately, some stand out and make a perfect fool. The stupidity assumes forms as varied as pride, vanity, gullibility, fear and prejudice.

Well, as in one occasion, a enormous person said, "In a perfect world no one would laugh." It wouldn´t have anything to laugh, and nothing would be ridiculous. Furthermore, the perfection doesn´t exist. Could something be described as a perfect world if there isn´t laughter? On the other hand, are those with enough intelligence to understand that they are stupid (It is not our case). Which is, then, a fool? "The Man". I believe the stupidity of man has no limits.
Those who make "songs" that are really stupid and get succeed, becoming stars of the network ... those! really aren´t stupid.

In summary, don´t listen nor look the fashions. It´s dangerous.

María Hernández Galván. 

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