viernes, 3 de mayo de 2013

Without hope.

She woke up with a bad taste in her mouth. She didn't remember anything. She tried to think about. She was at the bar with Clara, Lucy and Dave. She went out with Clara to smoke and they saw a strange boy who was looking at them. The boy's face was familiar to her but she didn't know where she had seen him. She didn't tell anything to her friends and they continued the night as usual. At half past three she was very tired and she decided to go home. By the way she realized that someone was following her. She started to walk faster but it was too late. Someone seized her by the arm. She tried to escape but it was impossible. After that, all was dark. 
She tried to know where she was but the room was too dark and she couldn't see anything. She couldn't move. She had her hands and feet tied to a chair and something in her mouth didn't let her to talk. What had happened?
Suddenly, she heard steps. The door was opened. A man entered the room but she didn't saw his face. He was holding some food and water. He turned on a lamp so she could see him. It was the boy she saw at the bar and now, she knew who he was. She realized that she wouldn't survive.

                                                                                               Laura Vera Costa.

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