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Aventures Times

Adventures Time is a TV program created by Pendleton Ward. On March11, 2010, a short was showed in Cartoon Network and the series officially was release on April 5, 2010. The structure of the program is two episodes of eleven minutes.This cartoons are inspired by Dungeons and Dragons.  

The sit-com is about the aventures of two friends (and brothers).
At the beginning of the serie Finn is a teenage with 12 years. He live with his best friend and brother Jake, a dog with a magicals powers.
The two friends  live in the Land of Ooo. Is a place full of strange creatures, animals who can speak.   Where the tecnology and the magic mix to create news gadget. And where the two heroes have aventures, save princess, fight against evil, discover new places and help people who need aid.  

Ooo is a world of fantasy and magic. But the story happens in a post-apocaliptic future.
In the series is mentioned a war « The Mushroom War ». It may be World War III because the mushroom is the form of an atomic explosion. Therefore, the creatures who live in Ooo can be a mutation of the people from the past.

Finn : He is a young teenage with a great spirit of adventure and exploration of the Land of Ooo
Jake : Is the brother and the best friend of Finn. Jake is a magic dog who has elastic powers.
Ice King : Is the antagonist of the story. He like catch princess to make them their wives.
Marceline : She is 1003 years old but she feingn 21 years old.Marceline is the queen of vampires because she kill the master vampire. 

                                                                                                                        Álvaro Romero

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