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                                                        ARGAN OIL                                                     

                                                                         Name: Argania
                                                               Surname: Espinosa
                                                                 Age: 80 million years
                                                              Location: West of Morocco
                                                 Status: Endangered Survivor
The argan tree is heat resistant and can withstand temperatures up to 50 ° C.
Argania spinosa, is a species of flowering plant in the family Sapotaceae, being endemic to the calcareous semi-desert of southwestern Morocco, and the province of Tindouf in western Algeria. It is the only species in the genus Argania.

Argan grows to 8-10 meters tall and live about 150-200 years. It grows in the area between Tiznit and Essaouira. The trunk is rough thorny. It has small leaves 2-4 cm long., Oval with rounded apex. The flowers are small, with five greenish yellow petals, blooms in April. The fruit is 2-4 cm long and 1.5-3 cm wide, with thick skin and thick shell surrounding the bitter with sweet smell, it encircles the fruits containing 2-3 seeds that are rich in oil. The fruit takes a year to mature until June-July of the following year.


Fruits of this tree, from which is extracted argan oil, they begin to mature with the first heats of June, traditionally collected a very original way: the goats harvested.
When the grass is scarce, goats climb the trees to eat the leaves, young shoots and fruits. At night, and in the fold, the animals begin to ruminate, spit out the bones of the fruit, large as hard as acorns and almonds, the Shepherd collected without being stuck even once. Another method is to pick them up from under the tree when they have fallen mature and let them dry, peel and remove the bone. 

In the Souss area, located in the south-west of Morocco, is mainly used as food in the form of oil, for greasing the bread or prepare tagines. Also highly appreciated cosmetic use, presenting as soaps, creams, lotions, oils, ... given their moisturizing, antiacneicas, for the treatment of psoriasis and tanning, among others.

                                PROPERTIES AND BENEFITS IN COSMETICS

Argan oil is rich in natural ingredients that play a role in the renewal and regeneration celular.En traditional Moroccan pharmacopoeia, argan oil is adopted for body treatments to combat the ravages of age and climate: works perfectly in wrinkles and dry skin, reduces visible marks left by acne pimples, sequelae of chickenpox, and other skin lesions or irritations such striation marks. It is extraordinary in cases of: Burns and cracks, eczema, psoriasis or any alteration that relates to the skin. Also used for scalp care: argan oil hair shine returns again illuminating through its high nutritional and strengthens brittle nails. Finally, argan oil relieves pain in the joints and is very popular for body massages.

The oil obtained from the seeds.


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