miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013


Along our lifes, a lot of many different things, experiences and situations happen to us; some of them are good ,some of them aren´t. But they have something in common. They teach us how to adapt our life in a different way, or change our daily life.

From my own point of view, a good way to get over a problem is to think about new challenges, trying to test ourself, to know what we are able to do. A challange can be a lot of things, for example learning things that we could not do previusly.

How many times we want to do something but we can not do it because of physical conditions or anothers problems?

There are a lot of people over the world that are in this situation. What is the solution? Very simple:
The people use to say that the real force is in the mind, and, I think that they're right.
If you want, you can”, this is an universal truth.

This is the story of Daniel Molina, a spanish athlete that has an incredible life “thanks” to one of the moments that we were talking about before. When I saw the video, a lot of sensations crossed my body, I experimented an emotion of happiness and superation.


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