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The art in XVIII

The style that predominated was the "Rococó".
This style had its origin in France and after, it expanded in Europe.
Its aesthetic reflected the elegance of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy,this style decorated a lot of palaces.

We can find differents parts:
"Ornamentación and intimismo"
The architecture "rococó" followed the esthetic models of the style Baroque.
The principal subject  was the decoration in the interiors with a profuse ornamentation with curves lines and  the asymmetry.

The sculpture , stood up because of the discovery of the  technique porcelain imported from Orient .This new technique was ideal for the interiors.

The aristocratic painting:
The painting reflected also in the elegance (Buggery and aristocracy). The cheerful colours were changed by other duller colours, gray,light green ... to represent the gallant places.
The use of the colours helped to create a new technique: the pastel.
The subject was different , it depended of the country. In France , the love subjects and the aristocratic celebrations.We can find some artists: J.A. Watteau,François Boucher and J.H. Fragonard.
In Italy, the artists painted urban landscapes(Canaletto) and the theatrical decoration (Tiépolo). 
In England, the countryside  and the portrait of the elegance(Gainsborough,Hogarth and Reynolds)


In the XVIII century, the "Rococó" style , we found it in the interiors of the aristocratic palaces , it followed the french taste and the oriental motives.
The decoration instead of continuing the same way of the rest of Europe, they didn´t substitute the polychrome wood and the religious subjects, in figures and also in the scenes of Holy Week , a good example Salzillo and the masterpieces of Tomé.

 Spanish painting ,"rococó" reflected also the privileged people . (Paret and Alcázar).


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