jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012


     Last weekend I went to the cinema and I saw Change-Up.  Change-Up is the typical comedy that is supposed to be funny but it's not funny. The main figures are Ryan Reynolds (Mitch) and Jason Bateman (Dave).

      Dave is a lawyer. He has got a wife and three children, two are babies. Mitch hasn't got any children or a wife. He lives alone. Dave and Mitch are friends since they went to the school, but now they have their own life and they have separated.

      One day they meet at a bar and they drink too much alcohol. They wish to have the life of the other in front of a fountain. When they wake up they see that they are other person. They have changed their bodies. They go to the fountain but it isn't there so they have to wait.
The time they are in the other body occurred things that change their ideas. When they found the fountain they decided to stay a little more in the other body.

     Finally they realize that they are making a mistake, so they go to the fountain and they recover their lifes. Maybe you think it is a good film but I don't recommend it.

The trailer.

Laura Vera.

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