martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Look at the life of the students in the ESO

     Hi! To all our readers, we are going to say, how we study and live in the ESO.

     Really, It´s a fantastic and excellent life.If you don´t know why, listen to us: First,we wake up early at 7:30!!,we get dress,brush our teeth of course, then quickly we have breakfast, and we take our school bag and we go running to the high school (like superman,yes, just imagine it).

     The first lesson we are so happy and we don´t speak a lot with our partners. The second, we work and listen to the teacher and the third lesson we study very hard. Great!! we have a breakime, we buy something to eat, and we speak with our friends about the lessons, the future,.... everything. Oh my god! one more time to study again, ok we go to study the rest of the lessons, but in the last hour we don´t study, so guess it, What activity we do at the last hour? Of course, we don´t do anything. well, the teacher read to us a big "story", we don´t know how is the story because we are sleeping that´s the funniest and most interesting activity we have seen in our life specially if we are dreaming

Chahida Hadini,Ana Ros Vivancos, Rajae Aguili and Sihame Fartate.

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  1. Very nice and interesting!! I hope you study and don't get bored in my lessons