martes, 24 de enero de 2012

My favourite cake ! ; )

The cheese cake is my favourite dessert. Is the best cake in the world ; )

Here you have the recipe :

Ingredients , to 7 persons :

- 1 liter of whipping cream
- 400 grams of Philadelphia cheese
- 2 sachets of curd
- 1 lemon yogurt
- 100 grams of sugar
- Raspberry or strawberry jam
- Muffins or biscuits

Preparation : 

Mix all the ingredients at the same time and let simmer, stirring occasionally until it starts boiling, about 10 minutes. If the Thermomix, allow 14 min. at 90 º.

On the other hand,take the mold and fill it of muffins, previously made slices the muffins, leaving no unfilled space, about a finger high.
The mixture is poured slowly so the cupcakes don´t move. Let it cool and then gets into the fridge. Before serving, cover it with jam.

Maria Encarnación Collados González

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  1. Now, I will try to make it. If it is good your mark will be ten, if not, your mark will be ...