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This is a tennis tournament played by professional tennis player called ATP in the city of Barcelona (Spain).
This tournament is played on clay surface since 1953, originally called Trofeo Conde Bafalluy after Dr. Ruano.
The tournament takes place in the men's singles and doubles categories male. It is part of the ATP World Tour 500, and gives a million dollars in prizes.
This competition is for sixty years been active since 1953 and has had several winners who have been given a lot of money and a big silver trophy weighs about thirteen kilograms.
The trophy that weighs thirteen kilograms and given the winner is:

We must also say that this tournament has had many winners Spanish during the sixty years but mostly these winners have been Spanish, that in the sixty years of competition, thirty years have won consecutive Spanish among them is Rafael Nadal who has won this title seven times.
Spanish this trophy is played at the end of April and beginning of May, so now is playing.
Now, this week in Barcelona has started the tournament but has been raining and the games have been postponed so the tournament will last longer.
Photos of tennis who have played the tournament and some of its winners:

There are many more but these players and winners today are the most times have won this tournament are:
-Rafael Nadal.
-Andy Murray.
-Nicolas Almagro.
-David Ferrer.
As you can see from the four appointed three of them are Spanish.
In my opinion along with the Madrid tournament is one of the best in Spain and I can say that I went three years ago this tournament and has been one of my best experiences, because you can see the best players in the world playing each them and it's a really good experience and especially who likes tennis.

I hope this year win a Spanish and I think the winner is going to be for the eighth time since this Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals.
I hope you enjoyed this little information about this tournament.

A greeting.


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