domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Are we alone?

Are we alone?

     During the last decades, the human beings have been investigating on the existence of  a intelligent life in another place of the universe, but the results don’t say nothing, scientists have done all types of experiments, from send photos, sounds, materials to the exterior, to do an especial machine that could identificate a body by this external composition.

     Since the creation of  the NASA in 1958, some of its pilots and astronauts have said that they saw UFOs (Unidentified Flying Object) during theirs travels to the Moon.
The American people, are the most exagerating people talking about this theme, they have built a especial zone in wich they have almacened all the anormal thigs that they had. I’m talking about the Area 51, but what about the aliens in our country?

There are mysteries that cannot be solved.

Events that cannot be explained.

And a truth that cannot be ignored.

Edu Espinosa 3ºA

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