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                                          THE MOST POPULAR FOOD IN MOROCCO
     Hello,and welcome to our lesson. This is a fantastic recipe.
Ingredients:meet of lamb,onion,olive oil,saffron,salt,pepper,comin,jengibre,cabbage,a good couscous,if do you like carrrots,chickpeas,courgette,pumpkin that depend of your taste.
     1ªFirst thing is wash very good all your ingredients.So when you wash the oignon,and peel it and dive it into very small pieces,leave it in the plate.
     2ªThen cut the meet into pieces or you can out it in the lowest part of the spesial cooker with oignon.
Then add one tespoon of salt,olive oil,pepper,jengibre,,comin,and saffron.So,all this ingredients mix it in the special cooker ,and finaly pour the water  till the all ingredients are covered by water.That's all depends of the quentitie ,so this recipe is for 11 kg of couscous.
     3ºWhen the flavours of the ingredients are mixing in the met,so we add more water for 15 minutes.
     4ºNow, we bring the best brand of couscous.We dip it and we  wait untill the couscous dry up.
We put it in the special cooker,so the couscous is going to cook by steam in the highest part of special cooker.
    5ºAfter that we return to the lowest part of the special cooker,and,we add chickpeas.Then, we have to prepare a beatiful big plate,and of course spoons.
     6ªIn this step we are going to go at the highest part of the special cooker and put couscous in the other plate so we add olive oil to the couscous  and open between the smallestparts of couscous.

     We repeat that two times,when the steam is going out through the highest art if the special cooker,so it's cooked.

     At the end we put the couscous in the plate,and we put the meet and the sauce up.
If do you like know really the objective of cousocous is when the family siit togetther and eat it.and all the family is very happy usually on  fridays
The couscous is too delicieus,but be careful don't eat the spoon or your hand after couscous!!!!!!CHAHIDA,RAJAE,SIHAME

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  1. I love Cous-cous. I will try to prepare it and if it is good, your mark will be better