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Modern family

     Modern family is a serie of comical American television created for Christopher Lloyd y Steven Levitan, premiered on ABC in 2009. 
     LLoyd and Steven developed the serie sharing modern histories about their lives.
From the beginning it was considered one of the favorite series Emmy Awards 2010.
The serie has received many positive reviews and numerous award nominationsHe has won the Emmy for the best comedy serie and best supporting actor in a comedy series twice.
The argument in this serie is that recounts the daily life of a family, mixing comic situations with common problems. 

     The serie is about three families related through Jay Pritchett and their two childrens, 
Claire Dunphy y Mitchell Pritchett. 

    Jay prichett is married to a young women Gloria,they together care for Many, her son. 

    Claire is a housewife married to a real estate agent, Phil Dunphy. They have three children: Haley a teen, alex the intelligent and median and finally luke, the youngest. 

    Mitchell, a lawyer and his partner Cameron have adopted a Vietnamese girl, Lily.

The secondary characters are: Javier delgado former husband of Gloria. The little girl, Lily. Jay´s ex-wife and parents of Phil, Shara Dunphy and Frank Dunphy.  
Is one of the most successful series in the United States. 


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  1. Great program. I like your job because is very descriptive and it gives the necessary information. Besides, I like the program very much!!