lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012


     Last year the class of 3 º A went to a "contest" carol of bilingual classes in the region of Murcia. Many high schools were presented singing carols in English or French. That was an unforgettable day for us. We don´t know if we did right or wrong, better or worse but we didn´t win, and we were happy of these. We were happy because we had a good time togetherEveryone told us: If you work hard, you will get the victory. You must practice and sing a lot to win. We worked hard, but there wasn´t much time. While we were working to improve the songs, we had a great time, and that´s the most important. We sang first the song "Santa claus is coming to town", then "Vive le vent, vive le temp" and finally "Rocking around the christmas tree".

     Our actuation was very bad but it also has a positive side, it was very fun. Worth it, especially for all those little details of the moment that we won´t forget. Nerves before leaving, the audience´s laughs when we were wrong, or our own laughter when we were wrong!, tense moments when we could be wrong in the movement from side to side and not go with the rest, the end of the concert when we started to talk and laugh all in the middle of the stage ... and much more situations like this. It can be said that it was one more day to file, of the many days that 3ºA has passed togetherAt least for me, it was an unforgettable day.

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