jueves, 22 de marzo de 2012


     I.E.S La Flota High school is bigger than Marques de los Vélez High school , but Marqués de los Vélez is higher than the others.
     The other class is lighter and there are more windows. the class is bigger than this.
In La Flota high school there are two basketball courts and in El Palmar there is only one court and one pavilion; but we use a sport centre that is next to the High School.
There are more classes in la Flota than in Marqués de los Vélez. And this High School is older than La Flota.

 I.E.S La Flota:


I.E.S Marques de los Velez:


Víctor Manuel Gómez Ros.

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  1. Of course, Marqués de los Vélez is the best because their students are the best!!