martes, 6 de marzo de 2012

Is it only music?

     If you search the word “music” on the Internet, you will find lots and lots of pages. Most of them are for download songs of our favourite singers and groups, others are online radio programmes, and maybe you can find news about the last CD someone has recorded. But have you ever asked you what music is? Is music only the combination of sounds and silences with rhythm? Is music probably an art? I’ve often asked me what music is exactly, and there aren’t concrete words to describe it. Of course, music is an art, for me, the most beautiful art; the best means to express your feelings, circumstances and ideas. For example, sometimes, you can feel badly, discouraged, without hope, maybe you even feel alone, but are you? Not for me. When I’m not okay, I need friends, and my best friend is music. Music never leaves you, is always by your side. When the life is not just, the music adjusts to your life. It seems that all you listen describes your situation; music understands you. One word, a lot of feelings: happiness, hate, anger, understanding... All that I could say about music it’s insufficient. Is it only music? No, it isn’t; it’s a new world. Music it’s life; music it’s my life.

“Music is the soul what the gym for the body.” Platón.

“Someone who listen music feels that his loneliness, suddenly, becomes populated.” Robert Browning.

“It's not enough to hear the music, it's necessary to see it.” Igor Stravinski.


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  1. No words ...
    I think the best definition for music is feelings.
    Great job!