viernes, 2 de marzo de 2012


        After the whole year waiting and of several weeks of preparations, Saturday was 25th and I went out in the carnival. At the morning I got up at 10.30 pm, I took a shower, and  Tatiana arrived. With my friends, I brushed to my cousin, and we rehearsed the dances.
     We ourselves put the make-up, we found it difficult to make-up as egiptians. We were eating when Tatiana is wetted. After eating we dressed and we took some photos. Then we went to a pub where we arranged to go at the street where the carnival started. When we arrived we rehearsed the dances for last time, Laura and María arrived. All together went to a street where start the carnival. By drawing lots we were second to last, so while we waiting we taking more photos.
     At six o´clock we started to pass, the route this year was very long, but we had a good time.At 9 o´clock we arrived at the jury, we danced “Au si eu te pego” in egiptian version..
      We received the trophy for participating. Then, there was a party, in this party we received two trophy, one for sixth position and other for the biggest krewe. After collecting the trophys  I went dinner with my friends, we had a good time.

Unless it rains, I will go to Santiago el Mayor´s carnival.


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  1. Very original chronicle and very complete. I am sure you spent a great time. Start preparing the next year's carnival