martes, 13 de marzo de 2012

                                               Teens's feeling can be in the songs
How are we?Of course happy,because we have parents ,home,brothers and sisters,teachers,a very beautiful life ,we aren't  afraid of something like a war.
But ,if you stop and think about this ,you will discover other important feeling .
If you would know this feeling,you will watch  and listen the song for example "palestine will be free".
What is your feeling ,now?Sure you are sad ,because our brothers haven't got a very right life like you.
So, we are eating ,and they?we are drinking,and they?we have parents,and they?we sleep without square how are they?So they don't need food, they need weapons to defend her family.We are studying,and working we should do that ,but when we see a war in a place it's a catastrophe for us.
The blood is spreading  around ,Palestine ,Syria...The warlike and the big monster are killing our brothers which are there.We, the teens want the peace,we are going to destroy this monsters one day,we are sure!!!We can stop them but  we can't destroy the bad people ,what we should do?Dry your eyes and beg to the  good save your brothers ,because the world  is like a heart, it has got oxygen,which are good people and dioxide carbon which are the bad people,yes there are two differents parts but we must live in a adequete way .Now we  are here the teens!the future of the world saying "freedom, equality and right" because  we ,the people have a brain so we can think for every thing.If you are agree with us,listen at what we are going to say ,we have to work the cells of our body each one do the function we connect the cells andwe form a very amazing new life!
It's life we soould organise lie in the next execllent world!!!!!!!! 

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