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The guitar is a musical instrument plucked string, consisting of a wooden box, a mast that has hit the fingerboard, a hole on the surface of the wooden box, six strings and the fingerboard has hit the fret.

  • Guitar parts:

Parts of Spanish or classical guitar:
1. Head and sockets,
2. Capo,
3. pin,
4. Frets,
7. Mast,
8. neck
9. Box (classic) or body (electric)
12. Bridge
14. Fund
15. Cover (harmonica),
16. Aro,
17. Rosette and mouth
18. Strings,
19. saddle,
20. Fingerboard.

It is the most commonly used instrument in genres such as blues, rock, metal and flamenco, and quite common in singers. It is also used in genres such as tango, ranchera and gruperas addition to the folklore of various countries.
At present, the most usual guitars are:

1. - Spanish Guitar.
1.1.- Concert guitar:
This type of guitars are designed pair interpretation of classics. Their sound is more than ptente flamenco guitar. This type of guitars usually have them the concert concert or students, but today most people who want to study music, either as hoobie or as something serious, you buy this type of guitar.

 1.2.-Flamenco guitar.
It is similar to the classical guitar. Varies the sound of a slightly different construction and use of different types of wood. The flamenco guitar has a more percussive sound, the box is a little narrower, and usually the strings are closer to the fingerboard.
The flamenco guitar has less sound and less volume offers a Spanish guitar concert, but the sound is brighter, and its implementation is easier and faster, because of the shorter distance from the strings to the fretboard, which allows it to be do less pressure on the fingers of the left hand on the fingerboard

2. - Acoustic guitar.

The acoustic guitar is a type of guitar with nylon strings and wire, but also can be made of metal, whose sound is produced by the vibration of the strings that are amplified in a wooden box. Acoustic guitar designs derived C. F. Martin and Orville Gibson mainly American luthiers were active primarily in the late nineteenth century. They are also known as western guitars (literally "guitars West"), which is closer to nature and the kind of music that made ​​them popular.

3. - Elctro-acoustic guitar.

An electro-acoustic guitar is an acoustic guitar to which have been added pickups, microphones or transducers to amplify their sonido.Estas guitars are famous for being a hybrid between acoustic guitar and guitar electrica.La difference between a steel string electro and an electric guitar is mostly the type of transducer: the first uses a piezoelectric transducer, which gives a sharper sound. on electric guitar incorporates electromagnetic transducers, giving a more electric sound.

4. - Electric guitar.
The electric guitar is made up of the following parts:
  1. Pegbox
  2. Nut (also "saddle" or "upper deck")
  3. Plug
  4. Frets
  5. Truss rod or "Soul"
  6. Placeholders
  7. Fingerboard
  8. Neck
  9. Body
10. Pills or microphones
11. Knobs and volume and tone controls
12. Bridge
13. Protector or kicker

An electric guitar is a guitar with one or more pills called electromagnetic transducers that convert string vibrations into electrical signals capable of being amplified and processed. There are three basic types of electric guitars: the solid body, the semi-body and the hollow body.

There are many models of electric guitar. In this post I will talk about my favorite types:


This is the guitar model best known as useful for many types of music and has a variety of sounds because his pills and his whammy bar.


Born for country music (rock did not exist). It looked brilliant sounds of banjos and guitars metal (most of this genre alone is interpreted with these guitars). But very well adapted and used by rock guitarists like Bruce Springsteen and Brian Adams.

Francisco Miguel Calatrava Nicolás.

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