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Chronicles of the Tower

Chronicles of the Tower

Chronicles of the Tower is a series of fantasy novels written by author valencia, Laura Gallego Garcia,  best known as author of Memoirs of Idhún also. Tells the story of Dana, a young woman born to do great things in the field of magic, and his special relationship with Kai, his friend, his confidant, his protector ... In a world where the strength of feeling rivals the highest power of sorcery, Dana must learn to live with his gift and there will come a time when she must decides between her duty as Lady of the Tower and her impossible love towards Kai .
It consists of four books:

  • The Valley of Wolves
  • The Curse of the
  • The call of the dead
  • Fenris, the elf


The author herself admits that the story of Dana and Kai was inspired by some imaginary friend she had as a child. He tried to capture on paper a story like hers, only transformed her experience in a fantastic story entirely different. The result was the first novel in the series, "Valley of the Wolves". Although at first was a little unnoticed, soon succeed and Laura encouraged fans to write a sequel.

I have read the first two installments of the series and recommend it to those people who likes to read fantasy novels because they are amazing books.

Manuel Pérez Fernández

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