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Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, known as Lana Del Rey, is a contralto singer, but also a composer and a model. She was born the 21st of June of 1986 (26 years old) in New York, but she’s of Scottish origin. Her artistic name Lana Del Rey comes from a mix of the actress name “Lana Turner” and the car “Ford del Rey” and her inspiration comes from Kurt Cobain, Elvis Presley and Britney Spears, something a little bit strange because her style it’s completely different; it’s a blend of indie and sadcore or slowcore.

Her career started when she was 18, singing in some clubs, but she didn’t sign her first agreement until she was 20, and during the next 5 years she was advised about her artistic name. In 2010, she recorded her first album as Lizzy Grant, but her sudden success came in June 2011, when she uploaded Video Games into Youtube. Since then, she has become hipster diva.

Video Games was used in some series like Ringer or Gossip Girls, and she interpreted it live, including MTV and other realities. She was also interviewed in newspapers and revues, and in that year she won some prizes; Del Rey had announced that she would launched a debut album under the record companies Interscope y Stranger Records in January 2012 before, but in a French TV programme called Taratata, she revealed that its name would be Born to die.

In general, Born to Die has been very well received by some professional critics, but some mass media has criticised so much her style, qualifying it as repetitive and dull. Anyway, during 2012 it sold 3400000 copies all around the world, and it became the fifth most sold album of that year.

Lana del Rey has an incredible feminine low voice who can be accompanied by a guitar, because she also plays it, and her musical and life style are unique and amazing, so in few words, she’s the perfection personified. 


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