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A great big biography of a great big man

Pau Gasol started playing in the NBA in 2001, when he was 21. He had played in FC Barcelona before, until he was given the great opportunity to go to America. This chance was given by the Atlanta Hawks, an ordinary team in the league then. But he suddenly changed team because the Atlanta sold him to Memphis Grizzlies, before the season started. He didn't play very much until his team mate, Stromile Swift got injured, and Pau could get in the first team. He scored 27 points the following match, and since then, the coach didn't leave him out the 1st team. That season, he got an average of 18 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, and 2 blocks per match and was chosen the best rookie of the year. His first year would also be remembered because of this spectacular dunk against Kevin Garnett, who had challenged him the play before:
(I could not find a video with English commentaries)

That season and the next one weren't very good for the team: their defeats doubled their victories. But everything changed his 3rd season in the NBA, when Memphis Grizzlies got into the Playoffs. They were defeated in the first round, but that made him improve and learn he had to make an effort to get what he wanted.

On his 4th year, Memphis renewed his contract making it valid until 2011. He passed from receiving 4 to 10 million dollars a year. He also reached 5000 points in the NBA that season. The next one, he was chosen to play the All-Stars game.

But his 6th year in Memphis he decided he wanted to be in a top team. Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and New Jersey Nets wanted him, but he finally went to LA, to play for Los Angeles Lakers.

He started training with his new team mates and after the first match Kobe Bryant declared that Pau Gasol is incredible. The Lakers got in the Playoffs and won the quarter-final and the semi-final, but they lost the final against Boston.

The next year, his 8th in the NBA, was probarbly the most important year in his career in America. He reached a total of 10000 points in the NBA, but the most important event was the victory in the Playoffs final against Orlando Magic. It was also the year when he started playing against his brother Marc, who played for Memphis then (and continues playing nowadays). The next season was another good one. He won another NBA ring against Boston Celtics, the perfect revenge. Here is the moment when he scores his 10000th point, added to a magnificent assist:
(In Spanish again because it's the most complete one)

The next two seasons, LAL kept trying their luck in the Playoffs, but they lost against Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma Thunder.

Now, D'Antoni is Los Angeles Lakers coach and we have just heard they are classified to play the Playoffs.This is the season in which we can say Pau Gasol has scored 15000 points in the NBA and I hope I am right if I say that Pau Gasol will have his 3rd NBA ring. 

David Pender Villalvilla

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