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Tupac Shakur was one of the most famous american gangsta rappers, but he was also a very good poet .In the ranking of the most important musicians in history, is in the position nº 86. In his lyrics he talk about of the poverty of the ghettos in all over EEUU, and also about the violence of these ghettos. He was also a very good dancer, he danced in a group of hip-hop called Digital Underground. Tupac had some problems with others rappers, and beacause of this he recived 5 shoots, but he survive. This problems with other rappers was beacause of the rivaliry between the rappers of the East Coast and the rappers of the West Coast.

He was born in 1971, in Manhattan. He beggins with his rappers carreer in the nineteens, doing some songs that appeared, in the film Nothing But Trouble. In 1993 he did a group called Thug Life with some friends, like Big Syke. They only did one album, but it was very successful!

In 1996 he recived a shoot in confrontation between different groups of rap, in Nevada. He died six days later in the Universitary Hospital of Las Vegas.

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