domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Creativity vs. crisis

In times of crisis, like nowadays in Spain and the rest of Europe, there are many people without a job, these people have a very important problem because they are not making money. To solve this problem we have to adopt new ways of thinking.

How many times have you gone to a job interview with a short and poor curriculum and the manager told you: We willl phone you, but …. there was no answer.

If I'm wrong, don't continue reading this article, but if you want to improve your possibilities of getting a job in an easly and quickly way, pay attention to these tips:

- Any idea as strange as it may seem, it should be not rejected.

- To make creative actions or ideas, you have to risk, never get you down.

- All these ideas have to be designed by yourself.

- Think positive, be optimist.

- It's a difficult time to start a business, but if you know how to manage it, the business can work very well.

Here, you have an example of how to use your imagination to get a job:

Eduardo Espinosa Celdrán

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