martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

The ballet.

The ballet, nowadays, is considered an alternative sport, but many people don't think so.
In my opinion, the ballet is a very hard sport and also a discipline because it helps you to have an appropriate  physical condition and it is very strict, it's very difficult to dance it.
A person who wants to learn how to dance ballet very good, or a person who wants to be a professional ballet danser must spend many years learning it in dance academies or in schools of music.
The people who practice this type of dance must wear some specific clothes (this is one of the most important aspects, because if you don't wear those things you can not make all the movements correctly)
The clothes are: a "maillot", some tights, some ballet slippers and sometimes a "tutú" (but this is something optional).
The girls must always wear her hair in a bun, the hair can never be loose. 
The first years, a ballet dancer can only use some ordinal ballet slippers, but when the bones of the ankles and of the feet are enough strong, then they can use the "pointe shoes".
The ballet is based on a set of movements and positions that are always accompanied of classical music. 
Each dancing step has a proper name, all the names are in french. The following names are some examples of them:

Battements tendus.
Battements dégagés.
Battements fondus.
Ronds de jambe.
Petits battements sur le cou-de-pied.
Ronds de jambe 
Grands battements


Those movements are some of the main movements of ballet, and also, the first movements that are taught to a ballet dancer by a teacher.

I am learning ballet and I think that it is a sport, because a ballet dancer can have the same endurance as a football player or a basketball player, but I also think that it is not only a physical act, it is also a beautiful art in which you can express a lot of feelings with your body.

Natalia Valera Iniesta.

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