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Formula 1

It is known how maximum category of the automobile, it´s very popular and prestige,each race is called Great prize.
This competition uses a  sigle-seater that is developped with the time thanks the new tecnology.The majority of the circuits where the Great prizes are celebrated are racetrack , in the past they used circuits of the street.
At the beginning the Formula 1 , some motor-racing teams started to participate in this competition , the important , Ferrari , Alfa Romeo and Maserati. Some motor-racing teams have been separated because others have won more awards how , McLaren, Williams,Lotus and Renault.
The creation of the Formula1.
In 1956 , only there were four races.The rules for the Competition of Grand Prix were established before this date, in 1947 the old AIACR was formed other time and it was called with the known name "FIA", its central part is in Paris and it had said that it would have had news race to create the Formula 1, allthough some economics problems in 1952 and 1953 did that they participated with cars of Formula 2. They established a system with points and the first race with a prestige was celebrated in the circuit of Silverstone in the United Kingdom.
Nowadays , a car of Formula 1 has more or less 800 cv and also 2400 cc .
When a car has the soft tyre , it goes faster than when it goes with hard tyre and it goes faster also when it has less petrol in the deposit , because it weighs less and it goes faster.
The principals teams are:
Red Bull
Sahara Force India
The fastest cars of the competition are the Red Bulls , the last winner of the competition was M.Webber.
Fernando Alonso a spanish pilot , he won different awards in Germany,England,Monaco,Italy,Japon and Spain.
The pilots have to be very trained because in each race they can die and they also have to do an important exercise they stop in a dangerous form and they have to do posturals exercises .
Finally is a sport very popular and important , we don´t know the preparation of the pilots and it is a sport that is not only drive a car , the coordination and the strenght is very important.
Paula Hernandez Baño

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