domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013


Estopa is formed by two brothers from Barcelona, David and José Muñoz. After hearing 'La raja de tu falda', a discography directors gave him a chance.
Immediately made ​​their first album with a mix of rock and rumba. They sold 15,000 copies in the first month of the album titled 'Estopa'.
In 2001 they released their second album, 'Destrangis' which was a great success with the public.
In 2004 appears 'La calle es tuya', a new album from that album have been positioned in a number one selling 300 00 copies in one week.
In late 2005 appears 'Voces de Ultrarumba' consists of 12 new songs in which the lyrics are the highlight
In 2008 published 'Allenrok', is simply the name of his village, Cornella, but spelled backwards and with k. It is their fifth album with 12 songs that move between Catalan rumba and heavy metal. It is the first work composed themselves.

This is a song from Estopa 2.0

Cristina Rodríguez González. 

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