jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

The Impossible

The Impossible is a film based on a true story, because tell what happens to a spanish family that goes to Thailand for holidays and survives a tsunami. It's a really hard film, because you can see the change in life of thousand of people that produces an event that lasts only 15 minutes. It makes you reconsider the importance of the life, but the main thing is the importance of being supportive. It shows that is in the tragedies where really we are supportives, and It's in this moments where insignificants acts can save the live of a person.
The film narrate that Maria, Henry and their children went to Thailand for christmas holidays, and while they were being in the hotel's pool, a giant wave struck the coast. María managed find her son Lucas and both went to a hospital. There operated to María because she was very serious, and while they was waiting in the hospital, Lucas helped people that had lost their family. At the same time, Henry managed to find his other two sons Simon and Thomas, and he carried them to a safe place. But he left them to search his wife and his other son. After a lot of coincidences, whole family met again and returned home. 
Personally, I think that the best of this film it's not the story, is the form that it is counted, the feelings that it produces and how it does people reconsider. Because it must be really hard to make this film so realistic, and it must have cost a lot of work, so my congratulations to all producers.
Except the actors who are americans, this film was directed by a spanish person (Juan Antonio Bayona) and was recorded in the City of Light (Alicante). In this video we can see a short part of the editing that is incredible:

I think when we watch a film we don't value all the work that there is behind it, and when we do it, is when we realize the importance of smal details.

                          CARMEN VERA TORRES

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