martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

The Quidditch , a magic sport

This sport born in the frst book oh Harry Potter that wrote J.K. Rowling.
In this type of sport there are seven players in each team. There are a seeker that tries to catch a very small , yellow and a fly ball that he is very fast named snitch , an exemple of a seeker is Harry Potter , three chasers that they catch the principal ball named quaffle and pass to her peers to score the goals , an exemple of chaser is Katie Bell , two beaters that hit a small ball but very hard named bludger and they trie to hit the people of the other team , an exemple of beaters are the twins Fread and George Weasly and a keeper that tries to keep the shoots of the other team preventing a score a goal . This type of sport play in Hogwarts the school of the magic . The players are mounted in flying broom and they trie to score more goals putting the ball in a three differents rings . In this sport the seeker tries to catch the snitch to win the match . There are four differents teams that trie to win the trophy play between with each other , her names are Griffindor , Ravenclaw , Hufflepuff and Slytherin .

The photo of the rigth we want to see the three rings where the chaser (in green , a player of Slytherin ) has to score the goals with the quaffle the principal ball and the keeper (in red , a player of Griffindor ) tries to krrp thre ball.
In the distance of the photo we can see Hogwarts the school of the magic.

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