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Beginnings and first albums.

Despistaos is a Spanish band native to Guadalajara.The band began in 2002, with its first components Dani Marco (singer) and Isma (bass player). Dani Marco had passed for Alcarrian groups as "Tifón" or "Zero". A little later More (guitar player) and  Anono (drummer) joined at the group. In 2003 was published their first album, produced by Dani Marco, “Despistaos”, laden of urban rock songs. This album features many collaborations, as Iker Piedrafita.

While they were preparing their second album, Krespo joined at the group, and there was the first change in the drums, Anono by El Canario.
¿Y a ti que te importa? was published in 2004, this time with less influence of urban rock and with more pop rock.

During the recording of their third album, “Lejos”, El Canario left the group and Iñigo Iribarne joined at the group. Their third album was published in 2006. In this album colaborated Fito Cabrales in Es importante and Albertucho in Migas de pan .

Vivir al revés” 

Their fourth album, “Vivir al revés”, was published in 2007. It was produced by the producer Jesus N. Gomez. This album has collaborations of Kutxi Romero (Marea), Rulo (La fuga) or Huecco. From this album came two singles, Cada dos minutos and Los zapatos de un payaso. In 2009 the re-edition the song Te ofrezco mi corazón and they interpreted it for the TV serie “Física y química” song that is composed by Dani Marco (Despistaos) and Mauricio Tagua (Karool).

Lo que hemos vivido”

The publication of their new CD, “Lo que hemos vivido”, was a compilation that included new versions of their best songs and some new, and featured with the collaborations as Kutxi Romero(Marea) and Rulo (La fuga) in Cada dos minutos, Dani (El Canto del Loco) in Hasta que pase la tormenta, Iker (Dikers) in Nada que hablar, Brigi (Koma) and Georgina in El silencio.
In 2008 they received the award for best artist, awarded by the 40 principales.

Cuando empieza lo mejor”

After hundreds of concerts and stories, the band published her fifth album, “Cuando empieza lo mejor” with thirteen new songs. The disc has two collaborations, Jorge (Maldita Nerea) and Pablo (Lagarto Amarillo).
In 2011, the group made use of new technologies to give his first concert via internet, in live. The concert was broadcast through the platform on-live "eMe"

Los días contados”

In 2012, was published one CD + DVD in format acoustic with their sounds best known and two new songs: Los días contados and Todos para una.This album has collaborations as María Villalon and Dani Martín. The video of "Los días contados" was produced by Jazz Films, in it was mixed images of a concert with a story where the principal actrice,Laura Moure, was fleeing in a car surrounded by neon lights that remember verses of the song.


  -Daniel Marco Varela (Singer and guitar player)
-Isma (bass player)
   -More (guitar player)
-Lázaro (drummer)

                                                      VANESSA LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ.

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