martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

Music more or less perfect but turned into love.

I'll tell you the experience of the last concert I visited. I like the music and I like to hear. I went to a mini-concert of a cellist. I had heard about her life and I had become one of her followers. I read about her, and when she plays, she just wants enjoy with music. She doesn´t mind the result, but she think that if you feel the music, you will make very good. "What does not kill you, make you stronger." is the phrase that she use to be relaxed, but she was playing since very young, and she says that the nervous are always in yours, what you have to is control them. That day, 10 on march, she played with her friends. What she played, was a concert to cello and orchestra, but in that moment she played with a quintet. All the musicians who accompanied her were there with the same goal. The objective was do it the best possible way and enjoy with something that they all were passionate about, the music. The soloist began nervously, I could see that her heart felt like it was going out of his body. I was in the audience and I was watching with envious eyes, healthy envy. I also love music and in that moment I knew how she felt. I watched his eyes, expressing feelings and her courage to play in front of all those people. I felt proud. I was proud to see how the music had become be loved by some. And when the end came, it was as if I could listening her mind. That look saidall. She was thinking the first thing you usually think after a concert, have I done well?
Also something that surprised me was that her brother accompanied her on the viola. Goes it in the genes? Comes the love of music of family? I don´t know but certainly, it was amazing. From the audience, I could see a happy girl because of be making what she loves. Her name is María, She´s fifteen. I forgot say it.
A summary of the concert:

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