martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

The Shadow of the Wind.

Summer of 1945. At sunrise. Daniel Sempere is 10 years old, he has got a nightmare because he doesn’t remember his mother face. His father decide to take him to a magic place, The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books, a huge library with lots and lots of books that people don't want. No one knows about it. When they arrive Mr. Sempere, his father, tell him to choose a book. Daniel is surprised because he has never seen this amount of books together. He starts to look for a book and when he is going to give up he see a book that caught his eye. It is The Shadow of the Wind by Julián Carax. He doesn’t know that that decision would change his life.
He reads the book and wants to investigate about the author, Julián Carax. Suprisingly, no one knows Julián, it's like he has never born. He discovers that someone set fire to Julián's books, someone called Laín Coubert who is the devil in The Shadow of the Wind.
With the help of his friend Fermín Romero de Torres, he is going to remove the past and find out things that would have been better not to know. 

This book is called the Shadow of the Wind. It was written by Carlos Ruiz Zafón. It’s a part of a series of books, The Cemetery of the Forgotten Books, which is composed by four books. The Shadow of the Wind was published on 2001. It’s a mix of history, intrigue, love and suspense. It has won so many prizes. It is set at Barcelona, in the years after the Spanish Revolution.

Well, this book has been so strange for me. When I started it I thought it was going to be the best book I’ve never read because I saw the critics and they said that it was fantastic, that Carlos Ruiz Zafón wrote a masterpiece, that it was going to be difficult to create a book like that, etc. But while I was reading the beginning I was bored, the book didn’t make me feel anything. It’s true that once the story advanced I was a little intrigued because it had lots of mysteries. The end surprises me a lot; I was reading it and in my mind I was thinking the possibilities that it could had, so I really enjoyed it.
In general the book is very good; it has got love, intrigue, a little bit of action… I think there are books better than that but it’s a great book and if you want to read something you can try with it, maybe you will like it more than me. 

                                                                                       Laura Vera Costa.

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