domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013

Cloning and technology.

The cloning of an organism means making one or more identical copies of the orginal being. In nature, we can see this process in a lot of organisms that have an asexual reproduction, and they do a process similar to the cloning.

For a few years, the human being has experimented with this method of reproduction, at the moment, we can identify two differents forms of cloning: the reproductive and the terapeutic.

The terapeutic cloning has the aim of cure diseases and regenerate tissues, for this method, the scientists have to work with mother cells, and nowadays these experiments are not allowed in the majority of countries. Danger diseases like the alzeimer would have solution if the scientist comunity could go on working with these cells.

The reproductive cloning has the objective of getting new organisms which are identical to the orginal; nowadays only animals have been cloning in an artifical way. It's the case of “Dolly” , a sheep, that was the first mammal wich has been successfully cloned from an adult cell.

But try to cloning a person is a dangerous and difficult work because there are many possibilities to die before the normal age or directly, don't live.

Will we live in a world with a lot of persons equal to us?

Here you have a picture about the cloning of Dolly the sheep.

Eduardo Espinosa Celdrán

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