martes, 12 de marzo de 2013

our best idol

MAHER ZAIN, our idol

I  have chosen this songwriter because of his meaningful and amazing songs. He is from the lebanese origin, and he is a muslim swedish singer.He released two successful albums which are "thank you Allah" and "forgive me".The important thing that catched my attention was that he got a Aeronautical Engineering, and  his musical inspiration came from his father.His songs has fascinated me, because he talk about subjects that i am intrested in it.

Well, nowaday he is 29 years old, and he lived in sweden since he had 8 years old. To have a professional level he went to NewYork with the help of the Redone, and he wants to meet the famous musicians. He loved music since he was studing at the school.Thanks to him and her songs which make me thinking about my future and also don't worry about the things that the people say. so my future is so clear which is "AIM"

A-Allah    I-Islam      M-Muhammad  of course i will try to understand how this world works, and i will study the lenguages that i can.

Finally, you have here a video of Maher Zain , and sorry if you don't like it. MADE BY SIHAME AND RAJAE.

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