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I´m going to talk about how I planned a trip to Cardiff for a family:
The trip begins on April 9.  First, a friend will take them to Alicante’s Airport from Murcia in his car, where they are going to take a flight to Cardiff that lasts about two hours and a half. They will leave Murcia at 7:30 a.m to get there about 8:30. They will take the flight to Cardiff at 9:30, and the estimated arrival time is about 11:00.
Once in Cardiff’s Airport, they will pick up a rental car previously reserved. It’s a Ford Fiesta which will be used for 6 days for the prize of 117€.
They are going to drive to their hotel, called Noward Backpack and located in the city outskirts, 5 minutes by car.
The hotel consists of a quadruple room for 5 nights that will cost 370€, including breakfast only.
After a rest at the hotel, they’ll go to a nearby McDonalds to have lunch about 13:00. Once they have eaten, about 14:00 hours, they are going to visit the Cardiff Museum, which is free.
After finishing their visit to the Museum at 16:00, they are going to take  a walk through the center.    They will visit “Capitol Shopping Centre·.
At 18:30, they are going to their hotel, where they will change their clothes.
Later, about 19:30, they will go out to have dinner in a pizzeria called “City Pizza”, placed near downtown.
Around 21:00 dinner will be over, so they will go to the hotel to rest because this day will be exhausting, due to the trip in plane and car.

The second day is also quite busy. They will get up at 8:45 ,have breakfast and dress to confront with energy the day ahead.
This day, the family are going to have a visit programmed to Cardiff's Castle, one of the most spectacular, popular and famous monuments of the city.  The visit will start at 10:00, time in which the doors of entry will open. The price per person will be 41 pounds.
After visiting the castle, they are going to eat at some restaurant near the hotel. They are going to go at 14:00 at a restaurant called “Prince of Wales”, placed in the center of the city. The menu per person will be about 8 pounds
 .After lunch, about 15:30, they are going to go for a walk downtown, and then, they are going to visit another mall, The Globe Centre, located about 5  minutes away
About 17:30, as they will be tired, they will go to the hotel to rest before dinner.
Later, at 20:00  they will go to an Italian restaurant called Giovanni restaurant, with a price about 10 pounds for person. People says  that the service is impeccable and their treat is very well.
Once they finish dinner, they will go straight to the hotel to sleep to meet the next day with strength.
They will get up around 9:00. They will have breakfast at the hotel and they will prepare for the next activity. In this day they have programmed a visit to “Alphabet Zoo”, located just 10 minutes away from the downtown by car.
 They will enter the zoo at 10:15, and they will see the gorillas, the elephants, lions, etc… At 12:00 a dolphins’ show will start.
At 13:00 the show will end, so they will have luch and keep on watching the animals.
The estimated price of the tour is 15 for adults and 12 for children.
Their visit to the zoo will end at 17:00. As they have free time until dinner, they will go to the cinema to see a movie.
They will see Parker, of Jason Statham, that will start at 18:15 and it will end at 19:45.
After the movie, they will go to a nearby “Burger King”. Once they have finished dinner, they will go straight to the hotel.
They will get up at 10:00 in the morning, they will have breakfast at the hotel and they will go to visit Cardiff’s Bay.
They will reach the bay around 11:30, 5 minutes away from the heart of city by car. Once there, around 12:30, they will visit “Techniquest Museum”, a children’s museum where kids will play and have  fun.
At 14:00, they will leave the museum and they will go to have lunch to a restaurant placed in the bay. This restaurant is called “Bosphorus Turkish Restaurant”, and they will pay around 40 libras in total.
At 15:30, after finishing lunch, they will continue walking along the bay, where they will stop in a shop to buy souvenirs.
Aftershopping, they will go to the port to take a walk and to enjoy the landscape.
As soon as they have ended their tour to Cardiff’s Bay, they will go to dinner in a restaurant.
About 20:00 they will go to enter a restaurant called “Las Iguanas”, also in Cardiff’s Bay. This restaurant has reputation of being a good place to have dinner.
When they have finished dinner, they will come back to the hotel to rest.

This will be the last day. They will have breakfast in the hotel about 9:30, and later make their bags, collect their things from the hotel and then go to Cardiff’s Airport by car.
There they will take the Cardiff-Barcelona flight at 12:45. At 15:45 they will arrive to Barcelona, and they will have to wait there until 19:55, when they will catch Barcelona- Alicante flight.
They will reach Alicante at 21:05.
Once in Alicante, they will take a taxi that will cost around 80 euros.
Finally, they will come to Murcia about 22:00, they will go home and their trip to Cardiff will have ended.


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