lunes, 11 de marzo de 2013

The family BOOKS.

This is the story of a boy called Tom.
A day, Tom was going to a library to read a book when something amazing happened. The library was empty. It was 10 pm and Tom was still reading. A deep voice was heard in the room suddenly. It was very strange! The voice was like if it wanted tell him something. It started to tell a story

"...There was a family called The Books, it was a family of books. Each one of them had a different personality, which was the main topic of the book. There were books of love, intrigue, science, spelling, of the universe, and thousands more. This family lived in the library books from a famous mansion. They had a friend. A boy of ten years old. The child enjoyed reading about cars, science, love... Passed and passed the years and the books were renewed while others were forgotten. Some were born and others died. Depending on the news or if others were recycled for being old. When the child was 18 told his family he was going to move to university to study medicine, which had been his lifelong dream. He also said he would take some books from the library that will serve him for his career.
One day, in the library he watched how one of the shelves in the children's section collapsed. The shelf was too old, it hadn´t been touched since a lot of years. Ivan approached to the shelf collecting and looked the books. The shelf was broken so he had to review all books one by one and place them on a new shelf, in alphabetical order. Reviewing the books he found one very curious. He read: How to face death since childhood? Ivan had never known of the existence of this book. It was still packed, nobody had read it. He felt curious about the book and when he opened it, went over 10 liters of water inside the package. Ivan was afrraid by the situation. He began to think in the water.
- Are you really surprised? Recently, people forget read us! They "haven´t time"-Said a voice sounded from the roof. Ivan was scared. Who are asking? Who are you?
- I am the book. The water is my tears, I was mourning because no one wanted to read me. While the book was saying those words it lifted the lid, and it became a mouth. Ivan and the book were talking a lot of hours and they became friends. After that, Ivan decided help the book. He decided to study to be a forensic, not medicine. Now if he has a doubt in their cases with  bodys, doesn´t need to open the book, he only have to talk with his friend Book. His friend always helps him to be a perfect forensic."

Tom was really surprised. Suddenly, a man appeared between shelves of the library. He just added, I am Ivan. Do you believe my history? 

María Hernández Galván

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