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Ramón Melendi Espina was born in Oviedo, Asturias on 21 January 1979.
Melendi is a composer and musiciam very important, it is one of the most avowed artists in Spain.
Melendi  studied in the IES Alfonso II and knew the pilot of formula 1 Fernando Alonso, whom he dedicated a song that was for title The Nano. Other one of his songs, Con la luna llena, is chosen as the official song of the cycle Return to Spain.
In another occasion, Melendi was one of the protagonists of the video game of sony, for the one that composed the song of Gangs of London
He is at the best moment in his live since his music has been accessible to all the people, the audience is greater.
Melendi began his musical career in 2001, with the style of the rumba flamenca , the pop and the rock and he play the guitar and sing, also composes many of his songs.

His discography is based on 6 discs, with which it has done tours all over the world:

1. Sin noticias de Holanda (2003)
2. Que el cielo espere sentao (2005)
3. Mientras no cueste trabajo (2006)
4. Curiosa la cara de tu padre (2008)
5. Volvamos a empezar (2010)
6. Lágrimas desordenadas (2012)

On September 11 it release the first simple of his sixth album, Lágrimas desordenadas. The  disc, there went out to the sale 13 of noviembre with one more sound pop that the previous one, as the singer announced. Now in the year 2013 Melendi it happens for his better moment so much personally as professional. 
Melendi is doing many tours for españa to present this disc, which has had a great success and he promote it in his step along the program of telecinco, La voz like couch. 
Murcia is one of the places where Melendi will make a concert.

The last disc has 11 songs:
1.   «Tu Jardín Con Enanitos»  
2.   «Lágrimas Desordenadas»  
3.   «Cheque al Portamor»  
4.   «Tu Lista de Enemigos»  
5.   «Aprendiz de Caballero»  
6.   «Autofotos»  
7.   «Mi Primer Beso»  
8.   «La Tortura de Lyss»  
9.   «De Pequeño Fue el Coco»  
10. «Gatos Celestes»  
11. «De Repente Desperté» 
                       The single is Lágrimas desordenadas 


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