domingo, 10 de marzo de 2013


"Saved" is a tv programme whose presenter is Jordi Évole,he is known how "The follonero" because he goes to different cities and he asks to the politicians about the situation in Spain,the factories in Spain and he asks many times and finally he shows us the bad part of a subject that are always about economy.

For example , in a programme  he goes to Fuenlabrada and he speaks with a journalist , "Ramón Muñoz" and he explains things about a place where there were a lot of factories in (Cobo) .He tells us how was this place because now there are chinese business and before many workers worked and they earnt some envelopes every weeks and he said that" the envelopes weren´t how the Barcenas´ envelopes" , because they worked so much.
Nowadays , there isn´t any earnings because are store factories.Allthough we find a factory where they produce pipes.

The journalist explains us that there are less factories  , because for the owners is cheaper to produce in the foreigner.
The key is the industry , it can give works but now in Spain there isn´t any money to build factories , there
isn´t  consumers in breaf if the business owner had stayed in Spain , the crisis would have carried out in a better form. .

Other programme, Jordi goes to Finland and he studies the education in this country.
In Finland was in crisis and they  cut back in education , so in some years the crisis stopped and the generation that had the reductions , they didn´t have the preparation to work and the society was bogged down.Nowadays , the schools in Finalndia have many teachers and also they have special class for the people that have problems.
In Spain , the 30 % of the students don´t continue in their education in Finland only the 0.2% , there are 18 students in the class . They also eat in the school and this is free.
We have spoken that when the crisis finished the students weren´t trained ,so now they say that theywill never cut out in the education.
In Spain the situation is similar so I don´t know how the situation will be and I hope it wouldn´t be in this form.

Finally this programme criticises the bad actuation of the politicians and the bad situacion of Spain.
In my opinion , I think that this tv programme is very objectif in some cases he asks questions very ebarassed  and when he asks to the politicians in some cases they don´t know how to answer and we can learn about the economy and scams ...
Paula Hernandez Baño

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