jueves, 7 de marzo de 2013

Medicine is the science dedicated to the study of life, health, disease and death of human beings, and involves the art of exercise that expertise for the maintenance and restoration of health, applying it to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases. The drug is part of the so-called health sciences.
Many people from high school strives to have a very high marks as to enter a medical career is very high note because many people wants to get into it.
If you want to do the degree in medicine, the objectives looked for in a student are:
-An adequate knowledge of the sciences on which medicine is based.
-Adequate knowledge of the structure, functions and behavior of human beings, healthy and sick.
-Adequate knowledge of the materials and clinical practices that will provide a coherent picture of mental and physical diseases of medicine.
-And an adequate clinical experience gained in hospitals under appropriate supervision.

The powers to follow are:

-Professional values​​, attitudes and ethical behavior.
-Scientific basis of medicine.
-Clinical skills.
-Communication skills.
-Public health and health systems.
-Information management.
-Critical analysis and research.

If you get to pass this career you can be:
-University Teacher.
Here I leave a little information on a medical career, I hope you will help.


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