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Robert Nesta Marley Booker most known as Bob Marley was a reggae musician. Bob was born in 1945, in Nine Mile, a little village of Jamaica, near from Kingston. He was the leader of the ska and reggae group Bob Marley and The Wailers. Bob is the most famous reggae musician in the world, his album Legend is the most famous album of reggae in the world, he had also diffused the Rastafarian movement.
Bob have a star in the Hall of Fame, beacause of his fantastic musician career. His mother was from Jamaica and his father was from England, so Bob was not completely nigger. Some jamaican kids in the school laugh of him beacause of his race, but he always ignored the taunts.

He had got married with Rita, but he had many children with other seven women, so in total he had fourteen children! The names of his children are:

  • Nicola Marley 
  • Sharon Marley 
  • Cedella Marley 
  • David "Ziggy" Marley
  • Stephen Marley 
  • Robert "Robbie" Marley 
  • Rohan Marley 
  • Karen Marley 
  • Stephanie Marley 
  • Julian Marley 
  • Ky-Mani Marley 
  • Damian Marley
  • Makeda Marley 
  • Nahum Marley 

His most famous songs are for example: No woman no cry, Buffalo Soldier, One Love, Three Litlle Birds...
In the summer of 1977, some doctors dicovered that Bob had a serious disease. Some people said that this disease appeared when Bob was playing football but is completely fake beacause he had sings of an strage type of cancer. In 1981 he recived the Order of Merit, the third most important award in the country, but Bob couldn´t went to the ceremony. Bob was moved to Miami in an aeroplane to be operated, but he couldn´t survive and he died in the Universitary Hospital of Miami, on 1981. His last words were:" The money can´t buy the life".

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