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James Bond (007) is a fictional character created by Ian Fleming in 1952.  the year when the first novel, Casino Royale, was written. The job of Bond is like an international spy with license to kill, member of the British Secret Intelligence Service, today known as MI6.
Bond become famous with the novels, but today he is konwn by his films.
Happen in the decade of fifty while Ian Fleming was on holidays in his house in Jamaica, « Goldeneye » also the name of a future film. In the Cold War and influenced for services gave to the Naval Intelligence Division, he began writting and created this series of stories.

The personality of Bond is  is a cold man, intelligent, efficient, extremely observant, bold, relentless, decent, quiet, elegant the most remarkable in all the James Bond films is the great ability to attract beautiful women easily. The character was interpreted by differents actors:Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig or Sean Connery.

As good spy, James Bond has had many villains :
Dr No, a chinese doctor who want create a based arms.
Francisco Scaramanga, is a murderer of global relevance, which kills with a peculiar golden gun. Le Chiffre, the first enemy of James Bond. Is a  Financial ruthless and intelligent, is a good player and a private banker working for terrorist.

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