viernes, 12 de octubre de 2012


The Paralympic Games are an official Olympic competition founded by Ludwig Guttmann in 1960, for certain types of athletes with physical, mental and / or sensory and motor disabilities, amputations, blindness, cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities.

The flag representing the Paralympic Games logo corresponds to the IPC and has been subject to several changes. It includes three elements of red, green and blue, the three colors used on national flags.

Disabled people have a strong will power, as it is required a lot of work submitted to the olympic games. They are people like us, but with the detail that distinguish us from them. For everything else, they are able to perform all kinds of activities.

The Paralympic Hymn was composed by the composer Thierry Darnis and was approved by the IPC in March 1996 and can be heard when the flag goes up or down in Paralympic ceremonies.

Realised by: Encarna Collados


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  1. These men and women are the most outstanding and brave athletes we can see. They are an example for all of us.