sábado, 20 de octubre de 2012


 Mint is the traditional drink of Morocco, but it is not necessary to visit Morocco to enjoy it, also it is possible to drink in any of many traditional coffees that we can find in the all country.It is a simple drink to elaborate, for what I leave the recipe for you in order that you could enjoy it in your  homes.

Leaves of mint




4 spoonfuls of green tea


To spill water boiled on a container called tea-pot (tetera) that contains the mint, the sugar, and the green tea. To prevent glasses first from remaining very strong and the last softest, to spill the content of the container in two shifts, serving first the half of each one of the glasses and then completing with the remaining tea. If you want that the tea has the characteristic white in his surface, which they must do is to serve it stopping to fall a jet from a good height.

And he appears this way